Amicus Attorney Training for Time Keepers


Learn how to master the following Amicus Attorney features:

  • Navigation of Amicus Attorney interface + toolbar
  • Calendar advanced features
  • Tasks
  • People
  • Files
  • Time Sheets
  • Communications
  • Notes
  • Advanced searches
  • Date calculator
  • Timer


Following an advanced training in a legal practice management program offers numerous advantages that can significantly impact your career and the success of the law firm or legal practice.

This advanced Amicus Attorney Training is tailored for user that want to use more sophisticated calendar and task features like appointments adjournments, and progressive tasks, track time in many different ways and have more search options.

Unlock a new layer of capabilities in your Amicus Attorney with this training.

Why Amicus Attorney Training for Time Keepers?

  • Mastering Advanced Features: Advanced training allows you to explore and understand the full range of features and capabilities of Amicus Attorney. You will learn how to leverage advanced tools and functionalities to optimize workflows, automate tasks, and improve overall efficiency.
  • Efficient Time and Resource Management: By mastering advanced features, you can streamline processes and reduce time spent on administrative tasks. This allows you and your team to allocate more time and resources to strategic legal work, enhancing productivity and client service.
  • Optimized Practice Area Customization: Advanced training enables you to fine-tune the software to align with the specific needs of different practice areas within your law firm. Whether you handle litigation, real estate, corporate law, or any other specialty, you can tailor the system to optimize performance for each practice area.
  • Data Analytics and Performance Insights: Advanced training equips you to extract meaningful data insights and key performance indicators from the software. This data-driven approach enables better decision-making, resource allocation, and strategic planning for the firm.
  • Compliance and Risk Management: In-depth training helps you understand how to use the software to manage compliance requirements and mitigate risks effectively. This ensures that the law firm stays in line with regulatory obligations and reduces the likelihood of potential legal and ethical issues.
  • Advanced Reporting and Client Communication: Advanced training enables you to generate more sophisticated reports for clients, partners, and internal stakeholders. You can present data and information in a compelling manner, enhancing communication and strengthening client relationships.
  • Integrations and Interoperability: Advanced training covers integrations with other software and tools commonly used in the legal industry. You can learn how to connect the Amicus Attorney with document management systems, billing platforms, and more, creating a seamless workflow.
  • Troubleshooting Complex Issues: With advanced training, you’ll gain the expertise to address more complex software-related problems effectively. This ensures that any technical issues are resolved promptly, minimizing disruptions to the firm’s operations.
  • Future-Proofing Your Skills: Technology is constantly evolving, and advanced training ensures that you remain at the forefront of new developments and updates in legal practice management software. This future-proofing helps you adapt to changing industry trends and remain competitive in the legal market.
  • Leadership and Career Advancement: By becoming an expert in legal practice management, you position yourself as a valuable asset to the law firm. Your expertise can open up opportunities for leadership roles, increased responsibilities, and career advancement within the organization


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