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Hello, We’re Amicus Attorney Consultants.

Practice management solution to manage your client database, calendar, contacts, billing, and so much more.

Want to feel like you have the best secretary or paralegal ever? Of course! With Amicus Attorney you’ll have everything connected to whatever task you need to do, with everything immediately at hand. Flexible enough to accommodate and grow with your practice, and powerful enough to handle everything a practice needs from calendaring, communications, contacts, documents, and conflict management.

Amicus Attorney Integrations

Amicus Attorney App Integrations

Amicus Attorney easily integrates with many of your current apps such as Office 365 and Timeslips. But we’re sure you have more apps you currently use. Here is a list of a few popular apps Amicus Attorney integrates with: PCLaw, QuickBooks, HotDocs (for more advances Document Assembly with logic); Outlook, Google Calendar, and DropBox.

Custom Fields and More!

There’s bound to be some information you need to know and keep track of that is unique to your firm. With Amicus Attorney you can create and organize custom fields to make it easy to track all sorts of file information.

Amicus Attorney Workflows

Amicus Attorney Precedents will organize your repetitive tasks into workflows to have consistency of the list in a matter.

Safe & Secure

Amicus Attorney security groups will give the firm the granularity needed to give access to Amicus feature only to the appropriate groups with interns with less rights and partners full rights.

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