Backup Solutions

Securely back up all your data from servers, computers, and more.

  • Perform local and cloud storage backups.

  • Encrypt and compress data for added security.

  • Scan your backups and restores for viruses.

  • Run your backup as a virtual machine when a disaster strikes.


Securely back up all your firm’s data as frequently as needed and retain it for as long as desired. The use of immutable backup ensures protection against crypto attacks.

Disaster Recovery

Create a comprehensive backup of entire servers and virtual machines using a specialized backup system. Optionally, replicate them to multiple data centers for added resilience.


In the event of a disaster such as fire, flooding, burglary, and more, leverage the disaster recovery backup to swiftly generate Virtual Machines of your server in less than an hour.

The Problem

Data is fragile

Backups are essential for safeguarding valuable data against unforeseen events such as hardware failures, accidental deletion, cyber attacks, or natural disasters. They provide a safety net, ensuring that important information can be restored in case of data loss, minimizing downtime and potential business disruption.

Additionally, backups offer a crucial layer of protection against ransomware, allowing organizations and individuals to recover their data without succumbing to extortion.

Ultimately, regular backups are a fundamental component of a robust data management strategy, promoting resilience and data integrity.

The Solution

2b1 Care Backup

Experience comprehensive data protection with 2b1 Care Backup. We secure your data across servers, virtual machines, computers, and mobile devices. Our solution employs robust encryption and compression, ensuring data integrity. Prior to transfer, a virus scan adds an extra layer of security. Choose between local hard drives, Network Attached Storage (NAS), or cloud storage for your backups, fortified against ransomware attacks. With replication across diverse data centers and compliance assurance, 2b1 Care Backup emerges as a top-tier, all-encompassing solution, delivering unparalleled capabilities at a competitive price point.

What does it do?

Backup and Advanced Backup

Elevate your data security with 2b1 Care Backup, fortifying your documents, files, applications, and precious memories.

For heightened protection and advanced capabilities, turn to 2b1 Care Advanced Backup. Safeguard your MS SQL, MS Exchange, Oracle DB, SAP HANA, MySQL, MariaDB, and enjoy continuous data protection.

Tailor your backup strategy with customizable retention rules, accommodating even the most intricate requirements.

Set backups in an immutable state, thwarting ransomware attempts. Our system seamlessly replicates across data centers, ensuring the resilience and availability of your data.

Experience next-level data protection with 2b1 Care Advanced Backup.

“We know all too well about the panic that comes along with losing critical data and files. Clients often reach out with concerns such as ‘I can’t find my client’s folder,’ ‘My brief has changed from days ago,’ ‘The billing for August disappeared,’ or ‘I’m getting the message ‘Hard Drive Not Found’ – what should I do?’

Fortunately, with 2b1 Care Backup, we’re able to swiftly restore missing information and provide relief to our clients. Trust us to safeguard your business against data loss, providing peace of mind for you and your clients.”

Paolo Broggi – CEO


Trusted by 600+ Law Firms

Backup is a necessity

The essential solution you know your business needs and deserves. 2b1 Care Backup offers a seamless interface for effortless setup, management, and data retrieval—all in one place.”

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