Amicus Attorney Training

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Increased Productivity

Completed Tasks

Amicus Attorney Training for Admin

Leverage the Power of Amicus Attorney:

The Key to Law Firm Success – Equipping Your Team with Unparalleled Training!

If you have been using Amicus Attorney for some time, you may have discovered that the program has untapped potential. To unlock the full range of capabilities, you need to undergo Amicus Attorney training, which will teach you how to improve your law firm’s efficiency, productivity, and organization. This training will enable you to manage your time, tasks, and documents more effectively, and utilize the tools available for managing clients and billing.

By implementing and customizing Amicus Attorney, you can enhance your law firm’s productivity and profitability, and also improve client satisfaction. Our training program includes guidance on creating customizations to meet the specific needs of your law firm. For example, we can train someone in your firm to create customizations such as document templates, workflows, and report formats.

Overall, Amicus Attorney training and customization can help your law firm reach its full potential, allowing you to maximize the benefits of the software and improve your overall performance.

New Hire

Get new hires in the right habit from the beginning. This will prevent hours of fixing problems later.


20 + years of experience in training users in Amicus Attorney at all levels.


Amicus Attorney customization tracks all the information in one place for easy access.

Your Topics

Talk to our trainers to setup a training exactly like you want.

Basic Training Package

New Employee Training

Amicus Attorney Training Made Simple –
for beginners and experts alike.

  • Navigation of Amicus Attorney interface + toolbar

  • Calendar

  • Tasks

  • People

  • Files

  • Time Sheets

  • Communications

  • Notes

Advanced Training package

Time keeper training

Training made simple –
for beginners and experts alike.

  • Navigation of Amicus Attorney interface + toolbar

  • Calendar advanced features

  • Tasks

  • People

  • Files

  • Time Sheets

  • Communications

  • Notes

  • Advanced searches

  • Date calculator

  • Timer

Amicus Admin package

Administrators training

Training made simple –
for beginners and experts alike.

  • Create new Amicus Attorney files

  • User management

  • Firm settings

  • Security Profiles

  • Microsoft 365 link

  • Amicus Attorney Database Backup

  • Firm Reports

  • Access Users’ Amicus Offices

Custom Fields & Records

Increase Amicus Attorney Functionality –
Create custom fields and track everything.

  • Create new custom page

  • Create custom fields

  • Type of custom fields

  • Positioning custom fields

  • Amicus Attorney Custom Fields Options

  • Custom Elements and Separators

  • Custom Records – Why and When

  • Creating Amicus Attorney Custom Records

Templates & Document Assembly

Generate documents in seconds — Correctly!

  • What is Amicus Attorney Document Assembly?

  • Planning for Document Assembly

  • Setting Amicus Attorney preferences

  • Setting up Word for Document Assembly

  • Generating Templates Groups

  • Adding Merge Fields

  • Testing Amicus Attorney Templates

  • Editing Amicus Attorney Templates

Precedents / Workflows

Training made simple –
Create event lists to consistently process files.

  • What are Amicus Attorney Precedents?

  • Creating Precedent Worksheet

  • Meaningful Naming of Events

  • Events relations

  • Additional Custom Name Variable

  • Creating and Saving Amicus Attorney Precendents

  • Editing Amicus Attorney Precedents

  • Using Amicus Attorney Precedents

“I would highly recommend Paolo and his team at 2b1 Inc. He helped install and customize Amicus for my family law practice. Paolo and 2b1 are clearly experts that help users take full advantage of software capabilities.”

Kathy Campbell

Mediator, Collaborative Attorney