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Ransomware is still a growing threat, don’t become a victim


of ransomware attacks began with an email

1 in 4

organizations had at least one email account compromised in 2022

$1 Million

average total cost of an email attack in 2022

2b1 Care – Combining all digital security in one powerful solution

Modern security solutions should seamlessly combine data protection and recovery features with robust cybersecurity functionalities to ensure uninterrupted business operations. Ensure the protection of your data from all potential threats through a single, all-encompassing solution.

Prevent Threats

What can be done to reduce the number of email attacks?

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Detect and Respond

Concerned about virus from web sites or external documents?

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Secure Data

Lost folder or corrupted documents?

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Protect Your Reputation

Protect your clients from virus in your email and attachments?

Advanced Email Security & A. S. + EDR

Recovery Time

Need contingency plans in case of disasters?

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Mitigate Future Risks

Want to minimize security risks and security holes?

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Ransomware inflicts costly damage!

One email is all it takes to start a ransomware attack.

A multi part solution is needed to minimize the attacks. Advanced Email Security will remove malicious email from the inboxes. Advanced Security with Endpoint Detection & Response, EDR will detect unusual processes, terminate them and restore encrypted files. Backup will restore lost and encrypted files. Advanced Management will make sure your computers have the latest patches to close security holes.


policy holders’ data stolen from Bitmarck’s internal systems in Germany


was a recent ransom demand given to Royal Mail, UK


of unique records of personal information from PharMerica leaked

1st Approach We Follow

Prevention – 2b1 Care Active Protection

2b1 Care’s Active Protection consistently monitors the patterns of data file modifications within your system. Certain behaviors are considered normal and anticipated, while others may indicate a potentially malicious process attempting to harm your files. The 2b1 Care approach analyzes these actions, comparing them to known patterns of malicious behavior. This method is particularly effective in detecting ransomware attacks, even those from previously unreported variants.

2nd Approach We Follow

Detection & Response

If a threat is detected, 2b1 Care investigates and carries out subsequent audits via a secure, remote connection to workloads or by reviewing automatically archived data in backups. Subsequently, initiating remedial actions such as isolation, process termination, quarantine, and attack-specific rollbacks

3rd Approach We Follow

Recovery & Forensics

No matter the cause of unplanned downtime, 2b1 Care’s advanced backup and disaster recovery tools can have your firm up and running in minutes not hours. We focus on preventing problems and ensuring everything keeps running, even in the face of disaster.

Recently, an office manager’s email, at a law firm, fell victim to a Business Email Compromise (BEC) attack, resulting in a breach that allowed a hacker to unleash 17,000 virus-laden emails on all of their clients. Addressing and resolving this issue consumed numerous hours, and unfortunately, the firm’s reputation suffered as a consequence. Such incidents could be prevented with the implementation of 2b1 Care – Advanced Email Security.

Paolo Broggi – CEO


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