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Were the attacks per minutes in May 2023. Many are using unpattched computers to successfully compromise data.

Up to 49

Patches are released each month for Microsoft Windows that close security holes used by hackers.


Major programs can be patched automatically on all the computers. That will complement the other security defenses.

The Problem

Unpatched computers are open entry doors for attacks

A software patch is akin to a legal agreement amendment. Just as a contract may be updated with specific amendments rather than issuing an entirely new document, a patch is a small piece of code released by software developers to address and fix identified issues or vulnerabilities in the original software.

An unpatched computer poses a significant security risk as it leaves the system vulnerable to known exploits and cyber threats. Without regular software updates and patches, the operating system and applications may contain security vulnerabilities that malicious actors will exploit to gain unauthorized access, execute malware, or compromise sensitive data. Unpatched computers are susceptible to a wide range of attacks, including ransomware, phishing, and other forms of cybercrime, jeopardizing the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of data.

The Solution

2b1 Care Patch Management

2b1 Care patch management system is a critical component of cybersecurity that facilitates the systematic identification, testing, deployment, and monitoring of software updates and patches across an organization’s IT infrastructure.

This system ensures that operating systems, applications, and other software are regularly and efficiently updated to address security vulnerabilities, bugs, and improve overall system performance.

By automating the patching process, it enhances the organization’s ability to mitigate known vulnerabilities promptly, reducing the risk of cyber attacks, unauthorized access, and data breaches. A robust patch management system is integral to maintaining the security, integrity, and functionality of an IT environment.

The last piece of the security platform

How does it work

A patch management system operates by systematically identifying, evaluating, and applying software updates or patches to rectify vulnerabilities and enhance the security and functionality of an organization’s IT infrastructure.

The process typically involves automated scanning for outdated software versions, assessing the relevance and impact of available patches, testing them in controlled environments, and finally deploying the patches across the network.

This systematic approach ensures that security vulnerabilities are promptly addressed without disrupting critical operations. Additionally, the system includes monitoring and reporting functionalities to track patch deployment status and assess the overall security posture, enabling organizations to maintain a proactive and resilient defense against evolving cyber threats.

While the expectation is that computers autonomously update, the reality is not always aligned. Certain patches may accumulate, hindering the installation of new ones. A reliable tool to meticulously report the status of each computer is indispensable for a comprehensive security strategy.

Enter 2b1 Care Patch Management—an integral component of this strategy. With its capabilities, it ensures that systems are not only updated promptly but also provides a transparent overview of patch status across all computers, bolstering the overall security posture and contributing to a proactive approach in maintaining a resilient and secure IT environment.

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Build your patch management plan with 2b1 Care

A complete patch management strategy includes having an inventory of all the computers, software and their version. Then check what are the latest updates. Test the updates. Deploy the updates and patches to all computers and servers. Get a report of what was updated. Then fix what did not update. Start the process again. 2b1 Care Advanced Patch Management can help with this process.

Inventory of computers and software version
OS, BIOS, hardware drivers, major programs updates
Tested patch deployment & reporting