About 2b1 Inc.

We help law firms evaluate the best software for their particular needs, install it, customize it and train & support users afterwards. Products that we evaluate and support include case management, billing, document management, accounting and general office software as well as all required hardware. 2b1 has worked with over 600 law firms and has built an outstanding reputation over the last 23 years. Based in San Francisco, we serve customers across the country and beyond.

Our Team

Paolo Broggi
Paolo BroggiPresident & Founder
Demetrius Brooks
Demetrius BrooksSystem Analyst
Sepideh Samani
Sepideh SamaniSystem Analyst & Network Manager
Kalle Pieper
Kalle PieperSystem Analyst & Network Manager
Kathy Jones
Kathy JonesAccounting Software Specialist
From Software Simplified.
Lindah Kinya
Lindah KinyaCRM Administrator