Advanced Email Security

Email is the #1 target for modern cyber attacks. 2b1 Care Advanced Email Security eliminates email-borne threats.

  • Intercept & block threats before they reach your inbox

  • Stop phishing & spoofing attempts

  • Enhance native Microsoft 365 defenses

  • Meet SOC-2, GDPR, HIPAA and CCPA compliance requirements


of malware is delivered via email


of security incidents are email phishing attacks


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Strong cybersecurity requires email security

Email is the leading vehicle to attack your firm.

Email remains the most common target for hackers and cyber criminals. You’ve probably seen suspicious emails, but email threats come in many forms: phishing, business email compromise, account takeover, spoofing, malicious attachments and more. You may be savvy at weeding out the spam, but as attackers clone email addresses, embed malware in files, and impersonate your contacts, suspicious emails are becoming more difficult to spot without a robust email security system.

Email security goes beyond antivirus software

2b1 Care Advanced Email Security

2b1 Care Advanced Email Security is powered by next-generation email scanners. Every email coming in and going out is evaluated for malicious content, and 2b1 Care removes malicious emails upon detection.

2b1 Care Advanced Email Security employs cutting-edge AI and multi-level filters to protect you from spam, phishing, and email spoofing, while deploying a threat intelligence system so you are empowered with data insights. 2b1 Care employs advanced static and dynamic detection processes so that your email inbox is always protected against cyberattacks.

Email attacks take many forms. 2b1 Care defends against them all.

Hackers gain trust with spoofing


Email spoofing is a deceptive tactic used by hackers to fake the sender’s credentials in an email and make it look like it’s from a trusted source. Hackers pretend to be known companies or personal contacts to trick you into opening attachments, clicking links, or sharing sensitive information. Spoofing is often part of phishing attacks, where crooks use a fake identity to steal data, spread malware, or commit fraud.

Attackers often exploit weaknesses in email systems to tamper with an email’s “From” field, changing the sender’s address to appear genuine. Sometimes these attempts are obvious – and sometimes they are not.

2b1 Care Advanced Email Security features a sophisticated Anti-Spoofing scanner designed to identify and intercept fraudulent senders. We get the bad stuff out of your inbox so you can focus on what really matters.

Hackers test your defenses with phishing


Email phishing often goes hand-in-hand with spoofing. Phishing is an online scheme in which malicious actors send fraudulent emails that appear authentic. They pose as trustworthy organizations, such as banks or government agencies, aiming to deceive individuals into sharing sensitive information like passwords or financial details. These deceptive emails often contain urgent messages or compelling details to lead recipients to click on malicious links.

To guard against this, it’s essential to educate users and employ cybersecurity best practices. For best in class protection, leverage 2b1 Care Advanced Email Security, which features an Anti Phishing scanner to verify the authenticity of website links.

Hackers infiltrate your business with BEC

Business Email Compromise (BEC)

Business Email Compromise (BEC) is a sophisticated form of cybercrime in which attackers gain unauthorized access to a company’s email accounts. Once inside, hackers deceive employees into transferring funds, revealing sensitive information, or initiating fraudulent transactions. BEC attacks can take various forms, including impersonating high-level executives, suppliers, or business partners to create financial transactions or gain confidential data. These attacks exploit trust and familiarity within an organization, making them particularly challenging to detect.

Employee trainings and verification processes are vital to ensure the authenticity of communication and financial transactions. Even better? Cybersecurity tools that flag suspicious activity. 2b1 Care Advanced Email Security’s email filtering tools protect against Business Email Compromise.

Hackers use whaling to dupe employees


Email whaling, or CEO fraud, is a type of phishing that targets top executives. These emails may encourage recipients to approve fake transactions or share sensitive information. Whaling is hard to spot because it takes advantage of the trust within company leadership. And often, whaling carries a greater risk if the attack is successful.

2b1 Care’s Advanced Email Security scanners will aid in your defense against whaling attempts by identifying suspicious patterns and either block or remove malicious emails from the inbox.

Hackers exploit weaknesses with zero-day

Zero Day

Zero-day cyberattacks are attacks that occurs on the same day the vulnerability is discovered. These attacks take advantage of a system vulnerability immediately, before software vendors can release a fix or update their systems. Cyber attackers then leverage these undisclosed vulnerabilities to craft sophisticated and highly targeted email attacks, which have a higher likelihood of success in infiltrating systems and evading traditional security measures.

2b1 Care Advanced Email Security and Advanced Security will block Zero Day attacks from all sides by continuously monitoring email activity, removing suspicious emails, and safeguarding potential entry points.

A partner sent an email to a paralegal to transfer $1.8M into 3 bank accounts. She emailed her boss for confirmation and then made the transfer. It turned out that the partner never sent that email: the partner’s email account was compromised and a hacker had sent the money transfer request. We were brought in to help recover their funds, and luckily, they are now protected by 2b1 Care.

Paolo Broggi – CEO


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Build cyber resilience against email attacks

Initiate your defense against malware at the forefront with 2b1 Care Advanced Email Security, a sophisticated suite of filtration and monitoring tools fortified with cutting-edge AI. This intelligent system acts as a vigilant guardian, skillfully filtering out malicious actors and securing your inbox against potential threats.

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