Advanced Security + EDR

Experience Advanced Protection with Anti-Virus Featuring Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

  • Safeguard against attacks at entry points

  • Thoroughly scan downloads upon entering your computer

  • Prevents malicious code from executing on compromised or harmful websites

  • Stays ahead of emerging sophisticated threats through continuous process monitoring


Compromised or malicious websites represent one of the various avenues through which viruses can infiltrate your computers.


Downloading external documents from vendors or clients’ Dropbox, G Drive, OneDrive, and other file-sharing platforms poses a risk of introducing viruses into your network.


A growing trend among hackers involves extracting information, either willingly or unwillingly, from employees or former employees to gain unauthorized access to the firm’s computers and servers.

The Problem

Entry points

Virus entry points are pathways that allow malicious software to gain unauthorized access to computer systems and networks. These may include email attachments with malware, infected websites, malicious links, and compromised software or hardware.

Social engineering tactics, like phishing emails or deceptive online content, exploit human vulnerabilities to trick users into unwittingly facilitating virus entry. Outdated software, unpatched security vulnerabilities, and insecure network configurations are common entry points that cyber attackers exploit.

Effectively securing and monitoring these potential entry points is crucial for robust cybersecurity. A comprehensive defense strategy requires a combination of technological solutions and user awareness to mitigate the risk of virus infiltration.

The Solution – Part 2

2b1 Care Advanced Security + EDR

Advanced Security + EDR is a comprehensive cybersecurity solution that merges advanced endpoint protection with Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) capabilities. This integrated solution surpasses traditional antivirus methods by utilizing innovative technologies like behavioral analysis, machine learning, and heuristic analysis.

Beyond detecting known malware, Advanced Security + EDR proactively identifies and responds to emerging threats in real time. This robust cybersecurity suite ensures endpoint protection through a potent blend of preventive measures and swift response capabilities, safeguarding digital assets in an ever-changing threat landscape.

Why do i need it

Hackers are more sophisticated

As hackers grow more sophisticated, the demand for antivirus with Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) becomes imperative. Traditional antivirus solutions may falter in keeping pace with the constantly evolving cyber threat landscape.

EDR offers a proactive and dynamic cybersecurity approach, empowering organizations to identify and respond to threats in real time, thereby reducing the impact of security incidents.

This integrated security strategy is essential for businesses and individuals aiming to protect sensitive data, uphold system integrity, and fortify the overall resilience of their digital infrastructure against the ever-advancing landscape of cyber threats.

While browsing, several clients landed on websites containing malicious code, triggering a 2b1 Care Advanced Security + EDR response. This resulted in alerts being sent out, and we were able to track the specific computer, user, browser, and visited website with minimal effort.

Paolo Broggi – CEO


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