Customized IT services

A Document Management System (DMS) can store your documents, track revisions, and index for easy search and accessibility. Your law firm or office can benefit greatly from a good document management system that fits your needs.

With many DMS systems to choose from, we can help you choose the right software for you and your team.

Cloud communication also known as VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) are Internet-based voice, video and data communication applications.

They are great for companies because they’re easy to set up, very flexible, and affordable. Let’s talk.

Accounting and Billing software while both are similar, they are also very different. Accounting software is a system that helps businesses manage and report their finances. Whereas billing software is for generating invoices and keeping track of payments or adjustments made on customer/client accounts. You may only need one system or both. Tell us what you need and we’ll help you choose the right Accounting and Billing software solution.

IT Services is an umbrella term that encompasses a variety of technical and application expertise that businesses and law firms value to help them grow, upgrade, recover, and even start up. How can we help you succeed?

Practice management software helps law firms big and small run more efficiently. Practice management software is used to manage daily operations, keep track of time, manage a calendar, generate documents and so much more. There are a plethora of choices for PM software, we can help you choose the right one that functions the way you need it too.

Cloud computing for law firms means accessing all your client data, securely from anywhere. All your data is safely backed up, working remotely and outsourcing is a breeze. Let’s talk about setting up your law firm in the cost effective, reliable, cloud.

Total cybersecurity protection

2b1 Care Advanced Email Security employs cutting-edge AI and multi-level filters to protect you from spam, phishing, and email spoofing, while deploying a threat intelligence system so you are empowered with data insights. 2b1 Care employs advanced static and dynamic detection processes so that your email inbox is always protected against cyberattacks.

Advanced Security + EDR is a comprehensive cybersecurity solution that proactively identifies and responds to emerging threats in real time. Advanced Security + EDR merges advanced endpoint protection and response with data insights, continuous monitoring and analytics to detect and respond to cyber attacks.

2b1 Care Email Backup is a comprehensive backup service that does more than your email host. Email Backup extends from your email account into robust cloud capabilities. Offering extended backup durations spanning months to years, it surpasses traditional limitations and aligns with stringent compliance requirements.

Experience comprehensive data protection with 2b1 Care Server Backup. We secure your data across servers, virtual machines, computers, and mobile devices. Our solution employs robust encryption and compression, virus scanning, custom storage, and replication across diverse data centers.

2b1 Care Disaster Recovery protects your firm and recovers your data in the event of a disaster, hardware failure, or cyberattack. Disaster Recovery offers swift server restoration, operational resilience, contingency planning, cloud restoration and continuity so you can continue to meet clients’ needs during disasters.

2b1 Care Patch & Update Management identifies, tests, deploys, and monitors software updates and patches across your IT infrastructure. We ensure your systems are updated and healthy to prevent security vulnerabilities and bugs. Patch & Update Management protects your business while improving overall system performance.

Don’t know what legal software is best for you?

We can help. 2b1 has worked with over 600 clients to support their cybersecurity, legal software and IT system needs. Our expert consultancy offers cybersecurity tools and customized legal software so you can make your systems work for you.

Want to find your best legal software match? Take our Software Starter Quiz. Looking to protect your practice with 360° cybersecurity? Explore our 2b1 Care services.

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Why 2b1 Inc.

Your legal software should work for you. We can make that happen. We know that different practice areas have different needs, and we have over two decades of experience working with the best legal software.

We launched 2b1 Care, our robust suite of digital security services, to answer our clients’ cybersecurity needs for ultimate peace of mind.

2b1 is the go-to legal IT resource because we ensure you get the most from your systems.

Advanced capabilities

& Ease of use – for anyone. You deserve to make the most of your software. Our team will help you customize your system and unlock advanced capabilities, so your efforts can go toward what counts most for you: your clients.

Cybersecurity solutions

Introducing our all-in-one security service: 2b1 Care. It’s more important than ever to safeguard your legal practice against data breaches, cyberattacks, and viruses. We have advanced tools to give you the most up-to-date security solutions, so your clients’ and practice’s data is safe.

Make your software work for you in 3 easy steps.

1. Meet your software match

Looking for practice management software? We’ve got you covered. Many software packages claim to make your business more efficient, but legal software isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. 2b1 Inc. works with top software providers, and we’ve worked hands-on with most of them. We’ll point you in the right direction!

2. Make it yours

Got problems? We’ve got software solutions. Once you’ve selected your legal software, we help you build custom fields, templates, and workflows. Let your software do the heavy lifting so you can spend your time on what matters. Say bye-bye to repetitive tasks and hello to productivity.

3. Get your team on board

Once you’ve found your software match and made it work for you, it’s time to get your team on board. We know software trainings can be a snoozefest, but we’re here to make your training fun and your software perform. 2b1 Inc. offers 1-on-1 training to show your team how to take full advantage of your new software tools.

Unbiased expertise

We’re not here to sell one software. We work with dozens of software packages, vendors, and systems so we can point you in the right direction for your practice. We know that different specialties and firm sizes mean different practice management needs. If you don’t know where to start, check out our Software Starter Quiz or get in touch.

Bespoke solutions

Go beyond software customization. 2b1 Inc. believes in empowering our clients to best understand and use top software and cybersecurity tools. Software is our business, but we make it human. 2b1 Inc. offers bespoke IT management, 1-on-1 trainings, and customized cybersecurity packages so that your systems work for you.

About our team

Call us software nerds – we don’t mind. 2b1 Inc. was founded in San Francisco in 1996 by a team of passionate IT experts. We’ve seen technology evolve, and we know that staying up-to-date with the best software solutions is a full time job.

We believe in going above and beyond for our clients. That’s why we launched 2b1 Care, a robust cybersecurity service aimed to prevent the costly damage that today’s cyberattacks cause small and large businesses alike.

Over the past two decades, we’ve grown to support clients worldwide and built a suite of services that are scalable and customizable to best serve your unique needs.

Want to learn more? Visit our team page or contact us.

You run your business. We run your cybersecurity.