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Centerbase is the practice management software for law firms, big and small, that have more advanced billing and accounting needs. While Centerbase has all the expected case management, billing, and accounting modules, it shines with its advanced automated workflows, reports, time tracking accounting and billing process capabilities.

Centerbase Integrations

Integrate with leading technology

ZolaSuite - Custom Fields

CenterBase integrates with Microsoft Office 365, LawToolBox, Plaid, NetDocuments and iManage.

Centerbase Customization

Custom Fields & More

Add custom fields to track specific information you need from your contacts and matters. For fast access, all information is kept in one place. Use it in your document templates to save you time.

Centerbase Training

Create Workflows

With Centerbase you can create advanced intelligent workflows to make sure all matters go through the same steps and minimize errors. For example, a workflow can prompt users to enter dates and other important information at a specific time during the processing of a matter. Afterwards, an automated email can be sent to alert the responsible attorney that all is ready for the next step. Workflows can be assigned to specific matters and really shine with higher volume matters.

Centerbase Installation

Safe & Secure

A secure Cloud infrastructure, with Centerbase, keeps your client’s personal information safe, secure, and confidential.

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