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Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace backup

  • MS 365 email account full backup

  • OneDrive unlimited space backup

  • Google Workspace Backup

  • G Drive unlimited space backup

14 & 30 Days

This is how long Microsoft keeps your emails and OneDrive deleted document and folders. After that time you won’t be able to retrieve them.

30 & 30 Day

This is how long Google keeps delete emails and email folders, and G Drive deleted documents and files before they are gone forever.


Microsoft and Gmail accounts can corrupt. Get them restore quickly through cloud to cloud backup and restore.

The Problem

Microsoft and Google Backup

While Microsoft and Google offer email accounts and cloud storage, their backup provisions are notably limited. Critical data, such as email folders or messages, faces potential loss if deleted beyond the restricted retention periods of 14 or 30 days.

This constraint extends to cloud spaces like G Drive and OneDrive. Users are directed by both companies to take proactive measures to safeguard their accounts, emphasizing the need for independent and comprehensive backup solutions to ensure data longevity and resilience beyond the built-in limitations.

The Solution

2b1 Care Email Backup

In response to the limitations of native backup options in Microsoft 365 and Google, 2b1 Care Email Backup emerges as a comprehensive solution. Offering extended backup durations spanning months to years, it surpasses these limitations and aligns with stringent compliance requirements.

Our service extends beyond mere email accounts to include robust backup solutions for cloud spaces. Whether safeguarding the entire firm or specific email accounts, 2b1 Care Email Backup ensures a thorough and enduring protection strategy for your valuable data.

What does it do?

Cloud to Cloud backup

2b1 Care Email Backup establishes a direct connection to Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace servers, conducting a meticulous assessment to identify the specific email accounts and cloud spaces requiring backup.

Our system then proceeds to create secure copies of this data, fortified by encryption keys that ensure the utmost privacy and confidentiality of your valuable information. With a seamless and secure process, 2b1 Care Email Backup guarantees the protection and integrity of your data throughout the backup operation.

The process

Easy to restore

When the need arises to retrieve information from our 2b1 Care Email backup, the process is effortlessly streamlined. Simply log into the 2b1 Care website, pinpoint the relevant account, and input the decryption code.From there, you can effortlessly select specific emails, folders, or even the entire email account.

This straightforward approach remains consistent when recovering files and documents from our cloud storage, ensuring a user-friendly and seamless experience for retrieving your valuable data.

“Three month after an employee left we needed to access emails from a client in preparation to a trial. After some initial panic we recover the client folder from the email backup of that employee. The crisis was averted.”

From a client

Paolo Broggi – CEO


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Email Backup Brings Peace of Mind!

Email backup allows me to sleep better because I know that if I accidentally delete an important email or a client’s folder in my email box, I can easily recover it.

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