With a growing number of companies providing practice management software how do you pick the one that works for you? Each legal practice management system seems to offer different functions, so how do you choose?

There are numerous questions you will have when choosing a legal practice management software. Should my system have cloud capabilities? What if I purchase a practice management system and find out it doesn’t have all the functions that I need? What functions do I need? How much is this going to cost my firm? How difficult will it be to implement the software into my firm’s day-to-day operations? The easiest way to get answers to all your questions is to contact an expert in practice management software.

IT consultants that specialize in providing tech support to law firms can ensure that you choose the software choice that has the correct features for your firm. 2b1 has decades of experience helping law firms increase their efficiency and productivity by providing the right tools and IT support to fit each individual client’s needs. 2b1 can assist in your selection of legal practice management software with no additional cost to you. For help deciding what practice management software is the right choice for your firm click here.

2b1 can walk you through the process and ensure that you have considered all aspects of your business before making a choice. Below are some considerations and steps 2b1 will assist you with to ensure you make the right choice in selecting a practice management software:

The Right Features to fit Your Firm’s Goals: Before you can decide what features your firm needs in a practice management software you must determine what your firm’s goals are. Consider long-term goals as well as short-term goals. Consider what your firm will be in five years and not just what your firm is today. For example, your firm today may specialize in personal injury, but are you planning on expanding your practice areas in the future? Once you determine your goals you can begin to understand the features that are important for your firm. 2b1 can discuss your goals with you and help you determine a list of features that fit your firm’s unique needs. 2b1 consultants can also walk you through the current technology solutions and technology trends that may affect your decision when picking a practice management system. Unsure how legal practice management software can help you? Read “Top 5 Reasons Your Law Firm Needs Legal Practice Management Software.”

Compare Features and Narrow Your Choices: Once you know what features you need to fit your goals you can then start to compare the features that each legal practice management software offers and find the best option for your firm. 2b1 can help you compare features through comparison charts and narrow your choices to the software that best fits your firm’s needs. 2b1 can also explain software customization options to help make your determination.

Understand the True Costs: The purchase cost of the practice management software is not the only cost to consider and budget for. Some additional costs to consider are implementation of the software, customization, updates, integration of the software with your firm’s current software, training, and support. 2b1 can walk you through the costs and find the best and most cost-effective options for your firm.

Demo Your Narrowed Choices: Once you’ve narrowed your options it’s time to demo the perspective practice management software. 2b1 can provide demonstrations of your top choices with side-by-side comparison of features. For more details or a free demo of practice management software click here.

2b1 consultants have experience in listening to our clients, finding what is important to them, helping to evaluate current processes, establish maximum efficiency within the process, and recommending the best IT solutions and legal practice management software to fit our client’s needs. For help finding the best legal practice management software for your firm click here or visit www.2b1inc.com.

By: Renee Schildgen, Business Development Consultant