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of businesses fall victim to cyber attacks


of cyber attacks start with one email


of email attacks are blocked by 2b1 Care

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2b1 Care’s modern security solutions seamlessly combine data protection and recovery features with robust cybersecurity functionalities to ensure uninterrupted business operations. Ensure the protection of your data from all potential threats through a single, all-encompassing solution.

Prevent Threats

How to reduce the number of email attacks?

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Detect and Respond

How to block viruses from websites and downloads?

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Secure Data

How to recover lost folders or corrupted documents?

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Protect Your Reputation

How can I prevent viruses from spreading through my email?

Advanced Email Security & A. S. + EDR

Recovery Time

How do I protect against hacker attacks and system failures?

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Mitigate Future Risks

How can I minimize security risks and security holes?

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2b1 Care prevents costly damage from ransomware attacks

One email is all it takes to start a ransomware attack. 2b1 Care’s suite of cybersecurity services continuously screen for viruses and proactively mitigate ransomware attacks.

2b1 Care is the multi-phase solution that prevents and mitigates cyber attacks at every stage. 2b1 Care’s Advanced Email Security flags and removes malicious emails automatically, while Advanced Security and Backup features terminate attacks and restore encrypted files. While you run your business, 2b1 Care runs your cybersecurity.


was paid to cyber ransoms in 2023


increase in ransomware attacks last year


days are lost to identity recovery after attacks

Ransomware Protection Technology

Prevention – 2b1 Care Active Protection

2b1 Care’s Active Protection consistently monitors the patterns of data file modifications within your system. Certain behaviors are considered normal and anticipated, while others may indicate a potentially malicious process attempting to harm your files. The 2b1 Care approach analyzes these actions, comparing them to known patterns of malicious behavior. This method is particularly effective in detecting ransomware attacks, even those from previously unreported variants.

Powerful Ransomware Attack Identification

Detection & Response

If a threat is detected, 2b1 Care investigates and carries out subsequent audits via a secure, remote connection to workloads or by reviewing automatically archived data in backups. Subsequently, initiating remedial actions such as isolation, process termination, quarantine, and attack-specific rollbacks

File Recovery & System Restoration In Seconds

Recovery & Forensics

No matter the cause of unplanned downtime, 2b1 Care’s advanced backup and disaster recovery tools can have your firm up and running in minutes not hours. We focus on preventing problems and ensuring everything keeps running, even in the face of disaster.

Most businesses don’t know about attempted cyber attacks until one is successful. Today’s hackers aren’t just targeting large companies – one of 2b1 Care’s clients is a ten-person law firm. In just one month, 2b1 Care prevented over 121 virus attacks across their email accounts.

Paolo Broggi – CEO


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