Abacus Data Systems has purchased Gavel & Gown Software, makers of Amicus Attorney Small Firm, Amicus Attorney Premium and Amicus Billing software, and they are making some drastic changes to the Amicus Attorney product line, it’s licensing, and pricing model. The following is effective immediately:


  1. No new upgrades of Amicus Small Firm Edition will be offered and no new licenses for existing installations of Amicus Small Firm Edition will be sold.  If your firm is expanding and needs additional licenses you may need to consider moving to another product, please contact 2b1 inc. to review a full range of options and receive impartial advice.
  2. Amicus Attorney will no longer sell technical support for Amicus Attorney Small Firm Edition.  Existing technical support agreements for Amicus Small Firm Edition will be honored until their annual expiration date, but will not be renewed after expiration.  The same applies to maintenance agreements for Amicus Attorney Small Firm Edition.
    If you need support for Amicus Attorney SFE contact 2b1 Inc. We will continue supporting all versions of Amicus.
  3. Amicus Attorney will be encouraging Small Firm Edition customers to either move to Amicus Cloud or the Premium Edition, both of which are subscription based and require data migration.  Please contact 2b1 inc. to review special offers or alternatives.
  4. Amicus Attorney support will still be provided by 2b1 inc on your current version of Amicus Small Firm.

**If you require technical support for Amicus Small Firm Edition please contact 2b1 inc., as we have provided this service independently for 19 years and will continue to do so.**