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Amicus Attorney 2011 Conference in Toronto

Thursday, April 21st, 2011

Amicus Billing

We arrived in Toronto March 24th and it was snowing with an incredibly long line to get transportation from the airport to the hotel in downtown and temperatures in the in the 10F (-10 C).

The next day we had a welcome from Gavel & Gown president Ron Collins who gave us a state of Amicus Attorney products. Then we had some classes on Amicus Attorney 2011 SFE and PE including the top 10 problems support calls.

We continued with a deep look into Amicus Billing an integrated billing program to Amicus Attorney. Amicus Billing is using the same SQL database that Amicus Attorney uses so there is no link problem or maintenance of two databases.

George Alves is the project manager for Amicus Billing. He was some time back the project manager in a company called Alumni that made PCLaw. When Alumni was purchased by Lexis-Nexis, George and a big part of the Alumni employees were hired by Gavel & Gown and started working on Amicus Billing.

One of the goals of Amicus Billing is to have a billing program that it is very, very easy to use and provides the attorneys with quick financial information on clients and matters without the needs to generating reports.  From what we have seen so far it is quite promising and I can’t wait to see the finished product. There is nothing to install. When you install Amicus Attorney, Amicus Billing is part of that installation.You activate Amicus billing by requesting a code. All the familiar billing functions are there including trust accounts.

Amicus Billing is not a general ledger program so you will need QuickBooks Pro or similar programs for that function.  They have not told us a date when Amicus Billing will be released on the market, but it seems reasonable that in a couple of months we should at least have a date if not the product itself.  I am looking forward to test the final version and write in this blog more details about the new Amicus Billing.

Paolo Broggi, IT Engineer
2b1 Inc.